Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogging Thru Word (Microsoft Office)


So, I'm going to try this… except, I can't type so well... why is my screen/texts too small??? Let's fix that… how?

Aaahhhh.. zoomed out at 38%..

(…checking tools, bars, etc.)

There! Moved scroll to 90%... much, much better.

This will be my little break from not being able to update this mommy blog from the peak of my pregnancy, which was supposedly the main topic here - to now that I'm already a mom. Hmmmm… yup, I'm finally enjoying motherhood and that's what we're going to explore in this space from now on. It's heading that way anyway in the first place.

But before that, I am trying out this blog posting through Microsoft Office Word. Hoping against all odds that I'll be able to collect posts I could write offline or something like that. Moms, especially pure breastfeeding like me, don't always have enough free time to do anything. Eating alone can be challenging at times. I'm sure if you're a mom, you know what I mean.

I intend to write my baby's firsts (milestones) here… how I feel… and believe me, though in bliss, you have other things going on and moodswings can still kick in pretty hard.

I've also become a shopaholic mommy. So, I'm planning to put my purchases and reviews here… plus more.

Hope this works this time… for now, that would be it.

Happy blogging mommies!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

@30 Weeks...

This here is my baby's ultrasound which says it's healthy... and....

wait for it.....

It's A BOY!!!! 


(note: date of ultrasound | 1/29/2011)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Staying Pretty while Preggy

I don't know if what I do works for you, but since I know a lot of women who are pregnant like myself tend to have those insecure moments about how they look, I've become meticulous about what I wear when I go out.

See, just as normal as our everyday life where we want to look pretty all the time, being pregnant doesn't give you the excuse to look haggard or ugly.  Thus, the idea to do something about it kicked in... with not much to do I turned to shopping.  I went out and searched for cheap or affordable clothes which aren't exactly the official maternity wardrobe required but stylish and comfortable enough for preggy ladies out there to wear.

The trick is to buy the right type of clothes, and a nick to mix and match.

What I bought most were stretchable spaghetti strap tops, sort of like this one (preferably, assorted colors as well):
and then match it with stretchable maternity leggings... 


and then over it a maternity / even simple cardigans, jacket or something... 

and voila! Stylish preggy in the house!  

Take a look at these for inspiration:

What's best about these clothes is that, even after giving birth, you can still wear all these and still look pretty good!  So, what are you waiting for?  Indulge yourself and keep your mood up by pampering your appearance.  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keeping It Organized

Stradmore's Mommy
Blogberry 2011

Excited about what's going to happen this year, I decided to get myself a really suitable planner that would help boost this enthusiasm into good use.

In most studies, pregnant women are said to be quite forgetful, thus, a planner that holds appointments, finance budgeting list, occasions and all that will definitely be helpful.  Stradmore's Mommy Blogberry became an easy choice since there isn't a lot of planners intended solely for mothers (or in my case, mother to be...)

Aside from its purpose, it's quite stylish too so you'll really have that zest to keep writing as much as you possibly can.  

So, for now, let's see how helpful this organizer will be for me... 
As far as I know, I'm ecstatic just looking and writing in it... Hope it keeps my energy all up and giggly the entire year ahead.

How about you?  How are you coping up with the new year?